17 Cute And Funny Photos Of Fathers Who Are Ready For Even The Strangest Things For A Child’s Smile

Being a dad is no less difficult and responsible than being a mom. And it’s great that there are very patient and resourceful fathers who approach parenting with all their hearts. They not only protect their children and surround them with care but also are ready to do cute and sometimes very funny things. Such dads are ready to dress up in ridiculous costumes, do hair, and have tea with dolls. This is true love.

Father of four daughters at the Star Wars princess party


This man held his hand for 45 minutes so that his daughter could sleep comfortably


We grew our hair for two years to donate it to charity together


Family costume for comic fans


I met such a family at a cosplay festival. Do not look that the girl has such a face in the photo – she is just in character! In fact, she was constantly smiling and glowing with happiness.

Favorite pedicure master


My daughter wanted her beard to be pink. Why not?


T-shirts “Daddy and Daughter Friday”


My wife works late on Fridays, so I’m used to spending time with my daughter these days. We decided to make special T-shirts.

Being a dad is getting out of your comfort zone with pink cheeks.


Daddy did his first pigtail


I am the man who shaves his head all his life, and now learns to braid! I study by video tutorials. I am proud of this braid!

You don’t have to be able to paint your nails, you can just be a model


Sometimes you have to use all your ingenuity


When my wife works in the office, she likes to call our son often. Only he cannot hold the tablet himself yet. I found a solution.

Princess Elsa would be happy to see such a loving dad


I recently opened a coffee shop, and my dad made an exact tiny copy of it for me.


You need to invite not only dolls to the tea party but also dad


I’m 23 but daddy still dresses up in Santa for me


You can read bedtime stories to children like this


The cutest and funniest t-shirt print

My wife gave me this T-shirt with my daughter’s portraits just for a joke. As if she didn’t know that now this will become my favorite piece of clothing!

Here they are, cute and funny proofs of great paternal love!