16 Comic Photos That became Finalists For The Funniest Photo Of Pets

Everyone who has pets knows how much joy and laughter four-legged friends bring to a person’s life. Therefore, all those who do not have pets can delight themselves by watching photos of adorable cats and dogs on the Internet.

For the second year in a row, the Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards celebrate the positive impact of pets on people’s lives and thereby try to draw public attention to animals that have not yet found their homes.

The 2020 competition is now over, we already know its 40 finalists. We do not envy those who have to choose the funniest of these photos, because each of them is obscenely comical! Rather, see for yourself.

Drama king

Lover of walks

John Carelli


Magdalena Strakova


Iain Mcconnell

The competition is organized by Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks, co-founders of the world-renowned Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for the funniest wildlife photography. And the sponsor of this competition is Mars Petcare, which raises funds for the charity Blue Cross.

Watchdog in service

Elke vogelsang

Caught in the act

Iain Mcconnell

Upside down

Malgorzata (Gosia) Russell

Emotional rabbit

Anne lindner

For the second year now, the competition has been held with great success. More than 2 thousand works from 81 countries took part in the first round! Therefore, 40 finalists is not as many as it might seem at first glance.


Kerstin Ordelt

Dance to grow together

Iain Mcconnell

Optimist and pessimist


Ilana rose

This competition is aimed not only at raising spirits but also at raising funds for stray animals. 10 percent of the sponsorship fee and 10 percent of all Blue Cross admissions will go to help the national charity in its work to relocate pets and provide them with veterinary services.


Dimpy bhalotia

Shocked Mastiff

Annett mirsberger


Darren Hall


Lianne richards

The winner of the competition has been announced! you can enjoy photos of all 40 finalists for the award at the Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards website.