17 Shots That Show That Nature Always Has Something To Surprise Us

The more you admire nature, the more you become convinced that she will never get tired of throwing surprises at people and amaze with her rich imagination! Nature is ready to show wonders of various scales: there are unusual animals, trees of strange shapes, and very rare phenomena. For example, have you ever seen a fiery rainbow? It’s time to look at her and other things that the world around you can surprise you with!

The harvest was definitely a success. Beet giant!


Mother Nature doesn’t want me to go to work today


Time to do stretching


The front of this driftwood looks like a skull


Nature has taken over the chair


Nike watermelon


The price of a regular watermelon is $ 4, the price of a watermelon with a logo is $ 54!

Perfectly flat waterfall


It seems that this tomato will speak to me now


My daughter is sure that she found a magic wand


In California they saw a tree with a face


Power of nature – how sea waves changed a piece of brick wall


A white peacock showed up in our backyard


As it turned out, white peacocks are quite common in nature!

Here is a tree we met in Hawaii


A bump that strongly resembles a bird


We spotted a fiery rainbow – a rare occurrence that only lasts for a few moments


The colors of this agate are reminiscent of a sunset over the ocean.


My son in the background of sequoia


Well, sometimes we all want to do something unusual – and nature is no exception!