You Are Waiting For A Man, But He Is Still Not. 7 Commandments Of The Dalai Lama For Women

Everything will be as it should be. And it will not be otherwise …

It is enough for a man to see you 2-3 times in his life to understand whether he wants to go hand in hand with you, toe-to-toe. Or he needs another option.

But women, especially those who are the first and most in demand on all fronts, cannot understand why a man avoids them. And they begin to press, huddle, call, and hint. They think, maybe it didn’t reach him? Maybe he misunderstood everything? Probably worth increasing the pressure.

There are also women who don’t even have anyone to put pressure on. There is a sea of ​​men around. But all are somehow unsuitable. And God will not send the ideal in any way …

And the woman begins to gnaw herself out of nothing to do. That age, that it’s time to think about offspring that men are all theirs …

In fact, the people who are intended for you will get you out of the ground.

And strangers, even if you dance naked, will pass by and will not pay attention. This is the philosophy of Buddhism. Everything will be as it should be.

And here are some quotes from the Dalai Lama that confirm this:

About internal balance

We will never establish harmony with the world around us until we are reconciled with ourselves.

That everything will be, you just have to wait

When it seems to a person that everything is going awry, something wonderful tries to enter his life.

Read between the lines

Remember, silence is sometimes the best answer to questions.

A delightful metaphor! Sometimes in our personal life there is such a lull that we are amazed. You seem like an unclaimed loser to yourself. And only wise women remain calm and do not attack the first comers.

They don’t run after anyone, they don’t hint to anyone that marriage with them is a pass to heaven. They completely rely on fate. And they learn to be happy regardless of the presence of a man in their life.

Chin up!

An optimistic mindset is the key to success. Even small goals are difficult to achieve if you are pessimistic from the start. That is why it is important to always be optimistic.

Smile! This annoys rivals and attracts men.

About the path to happiness

If God wants to make you happy, then he leads you the most difficult path, because there are no easy ways to happiness.

About desires

Remember that not always what you want is what you really need. Not getting what you want is sometimes luck.