‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ Shaves Her Face After Finding Love For The First Time

Being a girl is never easy. It can get a lot worse when you have facial hair. This is the story of how the ‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ found acceptance and love.

Supatra ‘Natty’ Sasuphan

Supatra ‘Natty’ Sasuphan is a 17-year-old girl who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Natty suffers from a rare genetic condition known as Ambras Syndrome. It is more popularly known as ‘Werewolf Syndrome.’

In fact in 2010 Natty was awarded the Guinness world record for being ‘The hairiest girl in the world.’ All of this made people believe that Natty could never lead a normal life. But thankfully Natty showed the whole world just how wrong it was.

Werewolf Syndrome

Werewolf syndrome is a rare condition, which means doctors have not yet found a solution for it. Laser hair removal was used as treatment for the condition but it actually just caused the hair to grow back way thicker and a lot quicker. 

Natty did what nobody expected her to do. She accepted herself just the way she is. She put a smile on her face and was ready to face the world.


“There were a few people who used to tease me and call me monkey face but they don’t do it anymore. I’m very used to this condition. I can’t feel the hair as it has always been like this.” Said the hopeful teenager. 

When her father was asked about it he said, “When neighbors first saw Nat they asked what kind of sin I had done. I was very worried about what she would be when she grew up because of other children teasing her. She is just the same as any other little girl her age. But her teeth grow slowly and she can’t see very well.” Unknown to either of them Natty’s life was about to change.

A Decade Later

It has been almost a decade since she won the title. Today Natty regularly shaves her face and is a lot more confident. And guess what? She’s married! Yes, the girl who was called monkey face found the love of her life.


We’re really happy for the couple. She recently uploaded a picture on Facebook with the caption ‘You’re not just my first love, you’re the love of my life.’

Even though she hasn’t found a cure for her condition this little girl is now a little closer to finding true happiness.