Women Admitted How Much They Weigh Showing That You Can Be Happy And Beautiful Without Regard To Numbers

They say that it is indecent to ask a woman about her age and weight. So it turns out that ladies are embarrassed by these numbers and consider themselves somehow not like that. Someone, for example, thinks that he weighs too much, and someone thinks that he weighs too little. But on Twitter, they decided that it was enough to endure it, and staged a flash mob to show that weight is just weight.

A Twitter user asked women to name their weight


Girls, how much do you weigh?
Let’s be honest.
I would like to get rid of the idea (and save you) that the allowable weight of a young girl ends up beyond 55 kg. I am 68.

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“I weigh about 85 kg and I don’t care at all, who doesn’t like it”


It’s funny (no) how at 60kg I thought how fat and scary I was, but at 85 I don’t think anything at all and just live in peace.



I used to really dislike my body (mainly due to reproaches from others that I was “fat”). Now I like everything, and who with reproaches – you can go shout somewhere in the forest.

“69. Nobody complained”


“77 with a height of 167”


“It’s about 88 now”


“182-74 (the stomach is a little swollen:


“172 cm, 72 kg”


I really want to lose 5 kg somewhere, it even started to work out, but quarantine greatly interfered with this) my parents love to tell me how I need to lose weight, although I ask them not to say that, because I feel bad and helpless from such words and I start strong blame yourself.

“79/172. I have never been more beautiful and healthier than now.”


“58 with a height of 158, and I’m very uncomfortable that I don’t fit into my clothes :


“65, which I have always been embarrassed”


“About 60. Height 164”


I used to worry that it was not 45kg, but now [do not care] about the numbers.

“I weigh about 90 kg”


The worst time was adolescence. I tortured myself with kefir and salad and did not know that 1) I would not lose weight anyway because of endocrinology 2) I chose the wrong diet 3) I would marry without losing weight.





And I wouldn’t know my weight if I didn’t go to the doctors because I [don’t care] about the numbers. The main thing is how you feel.



Very complex. I would like to be around 60, but in recent years I have had an unequal fight with these kgs.



For me, this is the match. But this is the weight that taught me not to close myself to the world because of my kg. I got used to the reflection, as well as to the new size of clothes, but the body is hard and I want to help it

84 Dratuti”


Before pregnancy, I weighed 82.



All my life, people around me and all the doctors in a row have slandered me with too little weight, I even began to wear oversized clothes and at one time tried unsuccessfully to gain weight. Now she has and is happy.

“93 now. Photo Week”


“61/164, the weight [nonsense] doesn’t say anything at all”




Everyone is comfortable in some kind of weight, it all depends on the body, there is no need to chase numbers.



Before that, I weighed 62-64 years for two, now I don’t feel much difference in my weight. She considered herself the fattest and ugliest when she weighed 52.

“About a hundred, I don’t know the exact number. 165 height “


I love myself, I feel better every day.

This is very cool and bold. Living women have not pre-set Barbie dolls, they can look and weigh the way they like and feel comfortable. The main thing is to remember that you only need to take care of yourself, and someone else’s weight cannot be a reason for harassment, ridicule, and discrimination.