Why Did You Fall In Love With This Particular Person: Explained In A Quote By Carl Gustav Jung

Even if we, falling in love, cannot explain our choice, this does not mean that there is actually no explanation. You just have to dig deeper …

Every man and every woman has an inner opposite, said the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. That is, there is a female part in a man, and a male part in a woman. Here is his exact quote:

“Every man carries within himself an eternal image of a woman, not an image of this or that particular woman, but a certain feminine image. This image is … an imprint or “archetype” of the experience of all female ancestors, a repository, so to speak, of all the impressions ever acquired by women. “

And Carl Gustav Jung called the feminine part in a man “anima”, and the masculine part in a woman – “animus”.

From this it follows that in the human soul there is that “second half” that all people are so eager to find in the outside world. And this also means that each person in his soul carries the image of that partner with whom he will be happy and whom he will love.

That is why love with a person happens suddenly, and he cannot explain the reason for his choice. After all, the image in our soul is vague and unclear, and it defies any logic, analysis or explanation. And love happened because the outer woman coincided with some part of the image of his inner woman.

And here lies the main insoluble problem: no external woman will ever fully correspond to this internal image. The match will always be only fragmentary.

That is, the rest of the woman may turn out to be completely unacceptable for a man. And this is almost always the case. This is the reason for the constant quarrels and conflicts between lovers, and most importantly – futile attempts to change a partner.

Each person unconsciously wants to change his partner for that vague image of an ideal partner that he carries in his soul. But no one has ever succeeded in this. However, the attempts do not stop.

That is why external love relationships will never bring complete satisfaction to a person. They will always carry with them the stamp of disappointment.

What is the way out of this situation?

It was found thousands of years ago by Indian mystics. In short, it sounds like this: turn inward to get to know your inner woman or inner man. It is the recognition of your inner opposite that will give you complete peace and satisfaction.

And if you get to know your inner woman or man, you can easily determine which of the external partners is the most suitable for you. But only by this moment you will not really need it …