Where Is The Common Sense: 9 Creations That Make You Wonder If The World Has Gone Crazy

Humanity is endowed with a mind that allows you to invent and invent the most incredible things. But sometimes some cross the line, which allows you to see creations that can even scare and make us think that something is wrong with this world.

Apparently, fashion has no limits

Fashion trends used to make us look beautiful and stylish. But now everything is different. Each couturier tries to surprise people, so he comes up with completely illogical and impractical things, for example, this ring with a living plant.

© SoulKingBroock / Reddit

Maybe they thought no one would notice

The architect of this task, apparently, decided to take revenge on all perfectionists. And how else can one regard this work, which immediately catches the eye.

© spacefan1756 / Reddit

You will eat like a king sitting on a throne

Why this establishment decided to choose a toilet instead of chairs, we do not know. But the fact that you will obviously feel not quite comfortable is a fact.

© stephenyoyo / Reddit

Here’s what you can see when you go shopping for a hamburger at night

At night it is better not to leave the house at all. In addition to all sorts of criminals and maniacs, you can see more terrible things.

© -Arjay- / Reddit

One day he’ll fly away and shut us all up

Everyone has a dream. Someone wants to become successful, while others want to fly like birds. What do you need to make your dreams come true? That’s right – to act and create.

© Mushku / Reddit

I think my hunger is gone

Such a sad picture. Why was she chosen for the plate? There are associations with sadness, but not with hunger.

© need1more / Reddit

Does this make sense to anyone?

The designers of this public toilet clearly dreamed of becoming trendsetters or famous couturiers. There was simply nowhere else to realize their fantasies.

© lostInTranslation547 / Reddit

Rest corner

If you love luxury, then it should be everywhere. The golden toilet is too banal, and the wooden toilet is really chic.

© lordsmish / Reddit

I’m not sure what’s going on here, is it a boat or a trailer?

Depending on which side to look at. For some, this is a boat to travel on the sea, and for others – a cozy house on wheels. Everyone has a different outlook.

© darkman21 / Reddit

Each person has his own flight of fancy. Of course, for some personalities, it goes beyond all the limits of the possible, but this is what makes a person unique.

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