What To Do If You Meet “The Right Person At The Wrong Time”

Have you ever felt like you met the very person you were looking for only at the wrong time? And there was a special connection between you, but the circumstances were so ridiculous and inappropriate that it was difficult to resist the thought that the universe had malfunctioned?

We all expect that when we meet our soul mate, the light will fade or sparks will fly. Unfortunately, however, the real world tends to be far less romantic.

How do you know that this person is destined for you, and then the scenario that does not allow you to be together must change, or that in fact there is no wrong time to meet with the person of your dreams, and you must find a way to overcome obstacles?

Our hearts are capricious creatures, and if left unattended, they can rebel, so let’s figure out how to recognize that this is exactly the case.

1.Relationships can’t last long.

This is the most common argument that makes you think a potential new relationship “won’t work.” And the point here is not that there is no “chemistry” between you, or that the feelings that have arisen are not strong enough. There is simply a huge, fundamental difference in how you think, live, or believe. This means that in the long term, what now appears to be a union made in heaven will turn out to be something very different.

In this case, you are simply wrong and this is not the person you are looking for. Most likely, this is just a wonderful person, but his values ​​absolutely do not correspond to yours, and the point here is not that he met you at the “wrong time”. Try to think about it this way: Let’s say you agreed to meet again in five or even ten years. Will the differences in your aspirations change so much that the union has a chance? If you believe in it – keep your connection, and if not – just move on.

2.There are other relationships that are a hindrance.

Here’s another argument that might make you feel that even though you’ve run into the person your heart has longed for, it won’t lead to happiness because either or both of you already have someone else.

Let’s think about it for a minute. Are you sure this is the person you have been looking for all these years? Or is it just a case of which they say “the grass is greener on the other side”? Too often, the routine and boredom of a long-term relationship or marriage leads to the fact that the past passion fades. Eyes and senses begin to wander in search of something more exciting. However, first of all, you should take a closer look at your current partner, realize the value of those years that you have devoted to each other. Water your own grass instead of looking for a nicer spot across the road. Trust me, it’s worth it!

3.There are compelling circumstances

Similar to the concept of alternative realities, most people have come across someone “in another life” for whom they have an incredibly strong attraction. But no matter how strong it is, there is something that makes communication impossible.

Perhaps you live very far from each other and you have important circumstances that mean that even thinking about moving is pointless. Or maybe you have a huge age difference, which excludes the possibility of “normal” relationships and a harmonious life together.

Perhaps you both have strong religious beliefs and feel that, despite any chemistry, there is no way to tie your lives together as you can never bridge the chasm that exists between your belief systems.

In my opinion, this is just nonsense. If you truly truly, truly love someone, there is nothing in the world that you cannot overcome in order to be together.

Move to another country, convert to another religion, connect with friends and family and seek their support. If common sense tells you that you met the “right person at the wrong time,” I think that means that your love is simply not as strong as it seems.

Perhaps this is a controversial statement, but you already understand where I am leading! To be honest, I just can’t believe there is such a thing as “meeting the right person at the wrong time.”

If you are already in a long-term relationship, then it is very important to understand what is causing you to invest your emotional energy in someone new. Perhaps, oddly enough, you really met your destiny. In this case, you will have to spend some time to think things over very carefully. If this new relationship is of immense value to you, it’s time to be honest about it.

If you have fallen in love with someone, your only option is to be open with your current partner and explain to him or her why your relationship needs to end, and this must be done before you leave.

This situation can be extremely difficult for all participants. Still, it is better to tell the truth and part ways with enough respect for each other than to live a lie with someone who wants to be with someone else with all their heart.

Likewise, let’s imagine that a banal age or distance difference is holding you back from spending the rest of your life with someone made for you. In this case, it is probably just a romantic infatuation or outburst of passion, and not a genuine manifestation of love.

If you believe that you have met “that very” person and he is all that your soul has always aspired to, then my advice is to go ahead, not paying attention to obstacles. Love is unique in life and must be appreciated. If you are lucky enough to meet her, there are no circumstances that can stop you.