What Can Your Toes Reveal About Your Personality

Do you realize how much the shape of your legs can tell about you? We usually don’t pay attention to this part of the body, but they can tell a lot about the hidden aspects of your personality.

Option number 1

The longest thumb, and the rest of the fingers, are located in a sharply inclined line, starting with the second and ending with the 5th toe. The leg formed in this way is called the Egyptian leg, such a leg is considered ideal. More than half of Europeans can boast of such legs. If we are talking about the personality traits of people with this shape of legs, then most often these are people with great imagination, which they use in creativity. Sometimes it is difficult for them to concentrate on getting the job done, they are not always consistent in the implementation of their intentions.

Option number 2

Two or three toes that are close together and are nearly the same length. This is a Roman leg, which is also called a square. Owners of this form of the foot are distinguished, first of all, by social skills. They are natural leaders and great organizers. They cope perfectly with all the troubles. Many people rely on and value their opinion.

Option number 3

The second toe is the longest of all fingers. The Greek shape of the leg plunges its owners into complexes because it does not look very aesthetically pleasing. People with legs shaped like this are actually insanely cute and funny, lead an active lifestyle and infect everyone around with their enthusiasm. Work hard for success and are focused on transforming their dreams into reality.

Option number 4

The big toe is the longest and the other four are almost identical and fold in a straight line. People with such legs have a gentle and understanding character. They love to listen to others. Often help others with advice or help. Family and friends appreciate them very much, and they in turn can do a lot for them. They differ from others in empathy and tenderness.

Option number 5

The longest second toe and the last two are the same lengths. People with legs like this are usually very charming people who have an ebullient vitality. They love adventure and are ready to change. Others willingly stay in their company because they infect a positive attitude towards life. At the beginning, they may seem a little shy and withdrawn.