What Can Men In Women Over 40 Hate?

We change with age. No, we are not getting worse, we just pay less attention to something, we want it to be comfortable first of all, and then beautiful, etc. And some changes in age and taste upset men, says morena_morana. And at the same time, he adds that age is not a reason to despair or to look with hatred at your reflection in the mirror. Men like different women, younger and older. In addition, men come and go, but the woman is alone …


1. Short hair

Despite the fact that all stylists unanimously advise ladies of elegant age not to wear long hair, and mockingly call them “elderly mermaids”, men were adamant. At any age, they like long women’s hair more than short ones. And the haircut that opens the whiskey is almost never liked.

So if your hair has remained thick and healthy well, then there is no need to go short. Even if your age is not young.

2. Excess weight

This is the most noticeable metamorphosis that occurs in half of women in adulthood. Almost every second person is gaining extra pounds, or even obese. This is a national problem, to be honest.

The constant stress of a city dweller, poor ecology, low-quality food, after 30 years or so, strive to turn us into aunts. However, don’t give up. You can always find a little time for a walk in the park, a visit to the pool or light gymnastics, if you wish. And food should be kept under control. Men are men, and health will not be superfluous.

3. Bad teeth

Nothing ages a woman like a couple of missing teeth, gold crowns, or clear caries. However, this problem occurs in many very well-groomed ladies. For some reason, many people think that it is better to spend an extra hundred thousand on a fur coat or gold than to provide yourself with a pleasant smile. Men do not share this opinion at all.

4. Antennae

Also, many representatives of the stronger sex notice in older ladies treacherous antennae above the upper lip. Some, indeed, have a small fluff above the lip during menopause. However, the antennae do not need to be shaved or plucked today. The problem is solved quite effectively with the help of laser hair removal.

5. Flat sole

Many men also complain that older ladies prefer small heels, or even shoes without a heel at all, such as ballet flats or even slippers. They believe that this behavior is solely due to our female malice. But we understand that the reasons are much deeper.

Despite male protests, I would not recommend constantly wearing stiletto heels to either young people, let alone older ladies. Although for festive events in the restaurant, an exception can be made.

6. Big bag

It came as a surprise to me that many men literally hate this comfortable accessory. I even read a study that scientifically proved that a woman with a small handbag has a better chance of dating. Women with large shopping bags are perceived as married, childlike, and completely asexual.

7. An evaluating glance

However, men unanimously recognized the most terrible thing in the appearance of mature ladies … a look.

From their point of view, older women look at them too appraisingly, and see-through all their shortcomings. It is much more pleasant to hang noodles on the ears of a young girl – she still does not distinguish truth from lies and does not understand how much your shoe cost. This circumstance scares and upsets men, so perhaps your ability to understand men should be hidden deeper.