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Maybe at this moment you are with a partner who does not give you everything you deserve. She asks for time, she makes excuses etc. She does not love you as you know that you deserve to be loved. You know that when a person really loves there are no doubts, and everything is given without hesitating a single second. You must open your eyes if at this moment you are in a relationship where you practically seem to have to beg for the time of that person, as well as for your affection. This means that you are doing something wrong. Love is not something you should ask for, it is something that the person who is with you should be born to demonstrate every second of the day.

You must also always keep in mind that no matter how selfish it sounds, you should prioritize your happiness before anyone else’s. Your happiness is first.

It is at the moment in which you put the happiness of someone else over yours where you will enter an ordeal without end. That where you will become dependent on another person to be or not be happy, that is not healthy for you.

1. At the moment when you tell a man that it is your whole life, that having him you do not need anything else to be happy, you are sacrificing yourself, becoming totally submissive before him, as if it were a religious cult.

The only thing you will achieve with this is that your happiness depends 100% of it. What he does or does not do will be what he always dictates if you are or are not happy.

You must understand that this is not wrong, you must have dignity and love even a little. You can not let your happiness depend on another person completely.

If that person even when you are showing him all your love, when he sees you suffering he does not care. It’s a pretty clear signal that he does not love you.

2. Love must always be reciprocal, at least real love and worthwhile. He should give you all the love, affection and time you give him. But neither is it going to be unconditional as it is for example the love between a mother and a son.

3. If you are living something like this you must free yourself, end this unhealthy relationship and dedicate yourself to live your life, enjoy your singleness while that man comes to your life that really is worth it and value you as it should be.

It is difficult to get away from that person you love even when it hurts you but you must be brave. It does not make you have that kind of people in your life.

Source : Cumpliendopromesas.com