Two Elephants Rush To Avoid a Tragedy When The Puppy Falls Into The Pool

The elephant obviously has a heart as large as its size, and this hypothesis was recently tested at a zoo in the city of Seoul, South Korea.

The case occurred when an elephant cub accidentally slid into a pool. As luck would have it, two nearby adult elephants noticed the situation and quickly rushed to the rescue of the drowning baby. This gesture touched many people, and shows that animals have a sense of compassion for their neighbor, which is lacking in many people.

In an act of true devotion, showing compassion for the pup that was in danger, these two elephants did not hesitate to help when they saw that the innocent baby was in danger.

Not only did the first elephant come to the rescue of the baby in distress, as the second adult elephant entered the water if the first one needed help in rescuing the baby.

They quickly enter the pool, run towards the puppy, take the same to the shallower side of the pool and then take it to the mainland.

Notwithstanding the act of compassion expressed by them, at the end of the rescue, the two adult elephants accompany the puppy out of the danger of the pool. The most striking thing is that they do the rescue for the safety of the baby and their own. The connection that the two adult elephants have with the puppy is evident, as shown in the video.

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H/T : eufalei