Touching moment: The husband ‘gives birth’ with wife, the happiness is now

Some women say that it isn’t important that the husband is be there with you during delivery. However, the thinking is completely wrong. The husband plays an important role in the important stage. Here are some main reasons:

1. Birthing is an intimate bonding experience: Birthing is not a mommy’s job alone. Okay, well, it mostly is. But you definitely don’t have to do it alone. Having your husband there will not only help you go through the experience in a better way, it will also bring both of you closer. How? Both of you are yearning – one physically and the other mentally – for the baby to come out safely and healthily. You are in this as one team! Being together during such an anxious yet exciting time can make your bond stronger.

2. He will ensure you are taken care of: Things that happen in the labor room can be very confusing. You are not sure if this is the best care you can get. There might be nurses who might be too hard on you to push harder. Having your husbands – who are alert and watching – around will definitely ensure you are well taken care of. Further, he can ask any bullying nurse to back off if he sees you are in distress. After all, men aren’t called the knights in shining armor for nothing.

3. No one knows you better than your husband: While we cannot generalize, many couples are also best friends. Most often, the husbands can pick up cues from even wives’ glances. A nurse or an obstetrician, however considerate, will never know you well enough to pick up such nonverbal cues. A squeeze in the hand or a blink – and he would know you are thirsty. And who wouldn’t want that kind of attention in the labor room?

The video will bring the real scene for you. The husband in the video encourages and takes care of his wife passionately. The scene makes many netizens burst into tears.

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