Tiger Monastery In Thailand: A Place Where Predators Live Next To People

There is only one place in the world where large predatory cats live quite peacefully next to humans. We are talking about the famous Tiger Monastery in Thailand: people come from all over the world to see the amazing friendship between predators and Buddhist monks.

Once upon a time it was a very ordinary monastery, of which there are thousands in Asia. An animal shelter opened here only in 1994. And in 1999 the monastery received its first tiger cub – it was found by local residents and given to the monks to nurture.

By 2011, as many as 85 tigers lived on the territory of the monastery. At first, they were kept in cages, but then they discovered a whole island where predators roam without any restrictions.

We’ve saved the most interesting part for last. In theory, anyone can become a volunteer in the famous monastery: just place an application on the official website and wait a bit. They promise hard work, they don’t pay money for it – but as a result, a person will receive experience simply invaluable.