This Village With No Roads Is Actually One Of A Fairytale Book

If you are interested in living in a fairy-tale of yours, you are to shift into the village Giethoorn. This incredible village known as “Venice of the Netherlands”, which most people were able to dream of was found in about 1230.

It does not possess road access or any means of transport to anywhere but only canals as well as 176 bridges. Tourists are to park their vehicles outside the village and reach the destination on foot or by whisper boats which possess noiseless engines. So you will be able to imagine the peacefulness of the place when it is not actually crowded with tourists. The village website reports that “The only loudest noise of the place is the quaking of the ducks or the noise of the birds of other kinds”. It is just the way out of a tale.

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The roadless village, Giethoorn.

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But it doesn’t say that there’s no access to wander…

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“Whisper boats” supply the common transport with their noiseless engines.

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Therefore, the village is very peaceful…

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The only loud you’ll here is probably the quacking of a duck when the place isn’t crowded much.

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The village is also known as “the Venice of the Netherlands” and this wonderland was founded around 1230.

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The first inhabitants discovered numerous deposits of peat. Thus they dug a lot of holes over the years.

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As time passed, the water holes turned into lakes.

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The novel islands are connected with each other using 176 bridges.

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Which gives this land a look of a wonderland…

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