This Man Knocked Down A Wall Of His House And Revealed An Ancient Underground City (Video)

Imagine that you are doing some renovations in the house and you accidentally discover an ancient underground city of immense archaeological importance. This is exactly what happened to a man in Turkey.

In today’s video, you will see the incredible story of the ancient city of Derinkuyu and how it was discovered.

While the man from Turkey was renovating his house, tearing down a wall, he noticed that behind it was a room that did not appear in the sketches of the house. While investigating the new room, the man was surprised when he saw that room was connected to a hallway.

Investigating, even more, the man realized that this is just the beginning of a huge underground city full of ancient rooms and tunnels.

This underground city is even equipped with a lot of small ventilation tunnels, which carry oxygen from the outside, but each exit to the surface of this city is ingeniously camouflaged.

This city is also equipped with massive stone doors that are designed so that they can be closed from the inside. This suggests that the purpose of this underground city was to keep the unwanted world out. Just like today’s bunkers.

This discovery has immense archaeological importance because this underground city is huge, it is not about a few small rooms and tunnels. There are hundreds of them.

Watch the following video and you will see all the details surrounding this huge discovery.