This is why children shouldn’t be trusted when they’re alone.

Watching your children grow up is definitely one of the biggest joys any parent can experience. But the real mess comes along when you’re not watching your children, that’s when they can create the most creative troubles of all.

17 Its better you protect your own things.

This is an accurate description of being a parent in general.
They caught him messing with the wires and from that day forward Jimmy was band from the computer.

16 This kid is chilling.

He will be an engineer in the future if his smart side out plays the lazy.
I really hope his mom said no drinks in the chair and this was his solution.

15 Kid wearing a chain mail.

He waited for his parents to leave the house before he can put up what he wants.
He chose to play high school on hard mode.

14 They will always do the opposite.

If what I have learned from Looney Toons is correct, the worst that can happen is soot to the face and some tattered clothing.

He’s going places. Or at least his head is and his mind sees things out of different perspectives.

13 This is why you shouldn’t leave your kids alone with the dog.

“I know I’m your best friend, but come on.”

He looks like he’s straight from a Lisa frank coloring book!

12 When you play with spray can, an ax, and have no adult supervision.

He looks like when Daffy Duck gets blown up.

11 How kids act at daycare.

Kid already looks like the branch manager of a department store.
This is how obesity begins.

10 A kid in a source of anxiety.

When your mom ran back “for just 1 thing really quick” and you just had to stand there in line, and you think “What if she don’t come back? I’m just a kid. I can’t pay for these.”

9 Bored kid faceplants himself in the Oval Office.

Kids just don’t give a fuck sometimes. That’s what great about being a kid.

8 Or the laptop is dead.

Your computer doesn’t suck! Your life sucks around the computer!
I find it funny how relevant the video itself is to the situation in the pic.

7 When you have early morning lecture and you feel sleepy.

Did he actually move the bookshelf to hide behind it? Or does your teacher have no interior design skills whatsoever?

6 Shopping with kids.

I’m concerned about your child’s joints.
Let’s talk about how difficult it must be to put pants on that mannequin.

5 Turn around kid!

I don’t know sports very well but clearly that man is the one they call “Verlander”

4 Photo taken outside Children’s Hospital.

This kid is about to get a lot of pizza.

3 This kid is creative.

They usually create mess everywhere they do but sometimes they are creative too.

2 Kid on the baseball field making crop circles.

When they’re defeated, they seem to almost always act like Charlie Brown.

1 When kids make adults rethink their lives since forever.

Are atoms made of atoms?