This Is The Badass Grandpa You’ll Never Have

This Chinese man is walking proof that you can be absolutely ripped at any age.

Meet Liang Yuxiang

Most people get an awareness of their fitness in their 20s and hit the gym. They buff up and charm a few ladies until, what, marriage and family happens? By the time people are 40, they are so stressed out due to work that they can’t even think of their family, let alone fitness. 

See this man in this badass suit? He’s here to blow your mind. He is 61 years old but when you see what’s under that suit – ladies, be prepared to gasp & gentlemen, well, be prepared to hit the gym soon after. 

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Eight Pack!

Wohoooa! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Take a good look at him. He’s 61 years old and he’s still got a body better than half the dudes out there. Look at him! He’s got an eight-pack at friggin’ 61! 

Now we know there are a lot of skeptics out there who think this is photoshopped. For them and the rest of you, this man is VERY real. Keep reading to see some more pictures. 

And, oh, be prepared for your jaw to drop on the floor!

Total Badass

What did you do today? Woke up, went to work, came back home and slept. Heck, some of you are reading this at work. 

Grandpa Liang here, you see, he’s a professional driver. Yes, you heard that right. He is a rally racer. He has raced all around Asia and one time even drove from China to Rome! Beat that! 

But it doesn’t end here! No it has just begun. Keep reading!

Buffed Up!

Look at him man! I’m 21 and I’m struggling to wake my biceps up from what seems to be a perennial sleep. But this dude? 

There’s one last thing you don’t know about him though. And it will blow you out of the sky! Oops! I think I’ve said too much!

He’s High

…up in the sky! Apart from rally racing around half the world, grandpa has one other passion that’s very close to his heart – paragliding! Can you believe it!? 

If you didn’t have an inferiority complex already, I’m sure that’s changed!