Think Before You Judge – Moral Story

One of the biggest life lesson is to never judge anyone. You have no idea what that person in front of you is going through in life. Read this and you’ll understand…

The Entry

Doctors are gods for patients and the families of patients, aren’t they? Can they ever go wrong? For the matter of fact, yes, they can!

Because Of Stress

Considering that his son was critical, I can understand his situation. He is just venting out on doctor because of all the stress that he’s going through!


Hats Off to the calmness of this Doctor. One should really appreciate a soft speaking person like this!

Another Outburst

Another outburst here. No matter how bad the situation is, such outbursts are not god and can be really insulting sometimes!

But in the end, his son is saved and that’s a good thing.


Yes, now we know how great this doctor is. It isn’t easy to forgot your grief and work for someone else’s happiness.


As mentioned above, this is possibly the best moral one can get from this!