They Open Thousands Of Years Old Egyptian Sarcophagus Live On Television. Revealed The Remains Of The High Priest

In the program “Unknown Expedition: Egypt Live”, a group of archaeologists discovered a network of galleries that led to the tombs of 40 Egyptian nobles. Mummies, amulets and jugs with organs was part of what was found.

With several cameras around and with a tune-in and audience that waited live from their homes in suspense for the crucial moment of the program, the communicational and archaeological team of “Unknown Expedition: Egypt Live” , opened a sarcophagus that contained a mummy of a sumo Egyptian priest .


This after several archaeologists discovered on the outskirts of the Minya (on the side of the Nile River and south of Cairo) a network of galleries that leads to a lot of burial chambers that were the physical space of the stay after the death of 40 nobles Egyptians .

Exploring these sarcophagi, they came across statues, amulets, and various jars that were used to store organs and other mummies . After much searching and research, the experts found the tomb of this mummy, which was carefully wrapped in linen and surrounded by luxurious jewels and treasures, many of which were made of gold . Worthy of an important entity of the time.


The American explorer, Josh Gate , leader of the show, informed the audience that the mummy was the high priest Irt Hrw of Thoth , the latter being an ancient Egyptian deity of wisdom and magic . This servant of Egyptian gods was contemporary to the 26th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt , which was the last original dynasty to rule until 525 BC.

These and other investigations, according to Agence France-Presse , are motivated as a response to the political instability that arose after the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak in 2011. In this way, Cairo wants to revive tourism through archeology .

Meanwhile, the famous Egyptian archaeologist and former Minister of Antiquities , Zahi Hawass , could not contain his excitement at the discovery.

“I can’t believe it, this is amazing.”

Hawass said to the Discovery cameras .


Another archaeologist who wanted to remain anonymous, also expressed her joy in front of the audience of this educational and cultural program.

“It is a spectacle at the end of the day, but it can generate in people a love of antiques , and it is a good opportunity to promote tourism”

she said on television.

And the truth is that something is right. Because the tourism sector has had an improvement , with 8.3 million visitors in 2017 , according to government figures. But still far from the 14.7 million that arrived in 2010 .

Still, Egyptian archeology is booming, and even more so after the exhibition about the pharaoh Tutankhamun that took place in Paris a month ago. And while Discovery apparently realized this, thus increasing its programming destined for the ancient Egyptian world.

Here is the moment in which they open the sarcophagus of the high priest: