They closed off the road upon realizing what this elephant was carrying with its trunk

Elephants are truly remarkable creatures. Through years of extensive research and observation, scientists have found striking similarities between elephants’ mourning rituals and those of humans.

Speaking to National Geographic, George Wittemyer, a conservation biologist at Colorado State University with extensive experience studying elephants, remarked, “Elephants exhibit reverence for their deceased, though the nuances of their interactions with the dead remain a mystery.”

He further explained that these animals demonstrate emotional responses when a member of their herd passes away, showcasing their remarkable emotional intelligence.

Twitter user Parveen Kaswan shared a video that once again underscores elephants’ capacity for mourning. Not only do they bury the bodies of their deceased, but they also show respect for the remains later on.

The video captures a scene with numerous onlookers and vehicles parked along the road. The reason becomes apparent as a herd of elephants crosses the street.

What catches the bystanders’ attention is one elephant carrying something with its trunk. Upon closer inspection, they realize it’s a dead baby elephant.

The herd halts, gently placing the deceased calf on the ground as the others gather around it.

“The family simply refuses to abandon the baby,” Kaswan writes in the caption, likening the scene to a “funeral procession.”

As the journey continues, another elephant takes charge, gently carrying the dead calf with its trunk.

To witness this incredible moment, watch the video below.