They have a picnic in the woods and find a bear at the table

Add a seat at the table that there is an extra friend, but in this case, this family never ever would have expected to find themselves next to a wild bear. The images are going around the world and fortunately, there are no consequences either for the group or for the animal.

Imagine having a quiet and fun picnic with your family and turning around for a moment and seeing that the only free place has been occupied by a wild bear. It’s not a scene from a movie, but what actually happened to Kaitlyn Nesbit, 29, and her family on a picnic in a Maryland wood.

The video published on social networks shows the majestic and peaceful bear, sitting while waiting for something to eat directly from the hands of one of the boys. Cold blood and a lot of courage in not running away or making too sudden gestures. Nesbit told Caters News that he was on vacation with his family and that ‘the bear is always around, but it never disturbs. We are used to being in contact with nature, and they advised us to stay where we were. Most of us were scared, others were filming ”.

The video caused a lot of controversies, some users criticized the fact that the bear was fed, others even speculated that the group should have frightened the animal by making loud noises or screaming. Definitely a sui generis meeting, but this family did great.

Source: Kaitlyn Nesbit / Caters News