These Hilarious Illustrations That Show How Long Term Relationships Looks Like

We don’t know why few men are so besotted and obsessed with women they simply cant get enough of them.We don’t get this absolutely don’t.Relationships are beautiful, yes they are! But not so much when partners are nowhere close to each other. Long distance relationships are a task not for everyone. It is difficult and these illustrations exactly show how difficult! Check this out!

Comfort The Other One!

The most adorable relationship in the world is the one where both the partners know when to comfort the other one.


A little bit of jealousy is healthy in each and every single relationship. As long as it stays in control.

Shared Responsibilities!

A man doing chores and sharing responsibilities is the best that that can ever happen to a relationship!

Every Girl’s Fear!

Isn’t this like each and every single girl’s fear? Seems like it!

The Charge

Isn’t it extremely hot when girl takes the charge?

Travel Together!

Couple who travels together, faces awkward situations together, lives together forever and forever!

Equal Rights!

Let there be some equality. It’ll be nice you see!


The best couple in the world is the one who knows how to control the other partner at their worse!


Priorities Set right here you see!


Never let such a boy go, NEVER!

Source : Bored Panda