These 7 Pictures Were Clicked At Such A Wrong Moment!

We often capture pictures and turn them into memories. These may be good or bad, but some of us have the worst fate – take for instance these people here. Clicked at the worst moment ever, these pictures will leave you in splits and will want to revisit your old embarrassing memories!


This woman must be quite a sprinter to have run down from the stands, across the field and onto her favorite footballer. But hell NO!

She was caught in transit by the ground crew and while it was all normal, but then this moment happened and it was perfectly captured by a photographer. Is it just us? Or does it seem like the men are having a party?


The boy in the picture is the cutest thing you will see today and as kids, didn’t all of us have such moments? Where we get something amazing for ourselves, only for it to be snatched away by something as random as a bird…or a sibling…or a senior at school!

Hmm. Seems pretty much like adulthood as well. Guess this picture is a life lesson!


Eyes sway and we get it, but as someone in power, usually, you learn to keep most things in control – including your ogling. Maybe this doesn’t apply to all in power, only some!

We wonder what headlines it made the next day!


Things get weird on the field and we get it alright? But there is a level to which we can control our laughter. THIS for instance got us cracking like nothing before!

What is happening here? Basketing the nose much? Gross boys!


She is a pretty girl, but you know what is not pretty? YOUR MIND!

You legit thought that was her leg didn’t you? Look closely she’s got hers in place 😛 Haha, don’t worry. You and we sail in the same boat, buddy!


What is fun for some, maybe horribly painful for the others. But guess this wasn’t such a grave situation afterall. While the ape had quite a time… well, um, groping, this woman took it as a joke. Takes a strong headed woman to do that, we must say!


You know how celebrities have this enormous pressure to look a certain way, dress a certain way and basically just be eye candy all the time? Well, Beyonce knows better!

She as caught off guard and she looked like she was constipated, but hey, that woman took it like the true rockstar she is – meme et all!