There Is A Modelling Agency Where 90-60-90 Is The Age Of The Models

I always thought that modelling was only limited to the younger generation unless this thing came up. Old age is also beautiful and its essence has been captured beautifully in these pictures.


Oldushka is one of the rarest kind of modelling agency that you will ever come across. It is of a kind which hires only models of old age. It’s founding father is Igor Gavar, a photographer from Omsk. This agency is in Russia. It has existed for only 1.5 years, and it as of now has 4 branch workplaces: in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, and Omsk. You will be left awestruck after seeing the pictures.

Nina Ivanovna, 75 years old

With that perfect style, perfect expression and a perfect pose, meet Nina Ivanovna. At this age of 75, she can still slay that style and modelling. I love her specs. Grandma fashion goals!

Irina Belisheva, 70 years old

No age can stop her. This is Irina Belisheva for you and she is really slaying in her green dress. I too want my grandmother to be this cool and we will do marketing then. Amazing one!

Sergey Arctica, 45 years old

Sergy is giving all the grandparents out there, fashion goals. He looks so darn hot and see his amazing style. I would always want my husband to dress up like this in future when we get old.

Tatyana Nekludova, 61 years old

So much elegance and beauty in just one picture. Tatyana’s smile can still win hearts. No words for her! She is so charming. She is proving that you don’t need to be in your 20’s to look beautiful. You just need right clothes and a good smile, like her.

Olga Kondrasheva, 71 years old

Another beautiful model from Oldushka. I am sure this photographer did a lot of hard work to have such amazing models at his agency. Look at Olga, her confidence and that hat is just killer. Another perfect model for you.

Valentina Yasen, 63 Years Old

Valentina Yasen is 63 years old. She is just slaying in her pictures. No anti wrinkle makeup, no too classy photos but just elegance and again, that smile. She has one of the most beautiful eyes and she also has a fan now. That’s me!

Victor Sosnovtsev, 73 years old

Victor is so cute. I love his overflowing shiny beard. With only that smile and beard, he is rocking his photoshoot. His smile is all warm and gentle, a kind that soothes the soul of a small child.

Valeriya, 79 years old

Wait a second! She is 79! I love this picture and her all black look. She is doing it so much confidently. Valeriya can beat other models with just her expression. Amazing one seriously.

Ludmila Brazhkina, 63 years old

Ludmila in her all corporate look appears like that confident business women. I like her dressing sense and her heads and high heels look. Thumbs up for her.

Sergey Arctica and Valentina Yasen

This picture is so cute. I want such pictures when I get old. This couple is giving me serious future goals. The most fantastic part of the models is that they are into this agency after their retirement. How cool is that.