The Very Case When Youth And Enthusiasm Can Be Preserved At Any Age

When does old age begin? Where is this milestone, the very age mark, after which you can consider yourself a decrepit old man? The answer is simple: everything depends on you! After all, there are people who, at 70, 80, and even 90 years old, will give a head start to young people and show that they are not going to grow old at all. Therefore, they dye their hair bright colors, go water skiing and never stop smiling. Take a look for yourself!

My 101-year-old neighbor prepared for an eclipse

My girlfriend’s grandpa loves space

He used binoculars to look at the stars and the moon, we decided he needed an upgrade.

This is my 75-year-old grandmother in a suit she made for a 70’s party

She took 2nd place, but in my heart, she is a winner.

Purpose: to be like this 85 year old woman at the cosplay fest

Someone offered my grandfather a place for seniors on the subway and he did it

I think my great-grandmother is pretty damn stylish for her 95 years.

And she still drives a car! But not at night.

Grandpa’s first attempt at cosplay, Leia and R2-D2

My grandmother shoots a pistol for the first time in her life

Drank beer at a bar called “99 Bottles of Beer” with grandfather at his 99th birthday celebration

bamahr my grandfather goes jet ski on his 91st birthday

My great-grandmother celebrates her 100th birthday today

Today is grandfather’s birthday, and he treated to cookies with his photo.

My 96 year old grandma plays a virtual reality game

My grandfather at 72

Today my 3-year-old son and his 89-year-old great-grandmother teamed up to catch their first fish.

The boy picked up the fish, and the grandmother was reeling in the line.

Grandpa is ready for Halloween

I ordered a Wonder Woman costume online

When the suit arrived, it turned out that it was too big for me, and my grandmother said that she wanted to try it on. The result is simply amazing.

If my grandmother ever releases a rap album, I hope she uses this photo as a cover.

My grandmother promised all of us that if she lived to be 90, she would make a pink mohawk