The Ukrainian Woman Has Grown Her Hair 1.8 Meters Long And Told How Rapunzel Lives In The Modern World

Alyona Kravchenko, a Ukrainian woman from Odessa, has been growing her hair since the age of five – now she is 34 years old, and she boasts a head of hair 1.8 meters long – even Rapunzel can envy that! Naturally, such hair attracts a lot of attention – a woman is even constantly called to marry. And naturally, such hair volume requires separate care. But according to Alena, the main thing in taking care of such hair is to really want it!

Ukrainian Alena Kravchenko is a real Rapunzel in the real world

A 34-year-old woman has been growing her hair since she was 5

According to Alena, she remembered the words of her mother that a long braid is a woman’s adornment

Now Alena can boast of a piece of jewelry 1.8 meters long

Naturally, such beauty attracts a lot of attention and compliments.

Many people come up and tell a woman that hair like this is very unusual these days.

According to Alena, she receives dozens of marriage proposals but usually laughs at such requests.

Alena does not always wear her hair loose – more often she makes braids or a bun

Caring for such hair is not easy.

Alena washes her hair once a week, and this procedure takes an hour

She cuts the ends twice a year – in July she shortened her hair by 15 centimeters

But the most important thing is to want to be the owner of such beauty.

According to Alena, one cannot doubt the desire to have such hair. Even for a moment!