The Story Behind a Painted Fingernail

During a trip to Cambodia, Elliot Costello’s life transformed when he met a young girl named Thea. This encounter inspired him to launch a movement dedicated to ending child sexual abuse.

Then, with her consistently painted nails, became the catalyst for change. After painting one of Elliot’s nails during a conversation, she revealed that she had survived sexual abuse. Touched by her resilience, Elliot vowed to keep the painted nail as a reminder of her and the challenges she had faced.

Motivated by Thea’s story, Elliot founded the #PolishedMan movement, where men paint one of their nails to symbolize the one in five children who are victims of sexual violence.

The mission of Polished Man is clear: to combat sexual violence against children by challenging violent behaviour and language on both local and global levels. Recognizing that men are responsible for 96% of such violence worldwide, Elliot believes they are key to ending the exploitation of innocent children.

Beyond raising awareness of child abuse statistics, the painted nail serves as a conversation starter, sparking discussions about prevention. Elliot hopes the movement will encourage people to support educational programs and resources for child survivors of abuse through donations.

In pursuing a safer world for children, the hope is that more men, including celebrities, will embrace the #PolishedMan movement. Share this article on Facebook to raise awareness and inspire collective action against child sexual abuse.