The One-Legged Guy Is Famous For His Halloween Costumes. And Every Year He Surprises More Than The Previous One

Josh Sandqvist is an athlete, a joker and a man who lifts people’s spirits with his lyrics. But besides all this, he is known as a guy who comes up with memorable images for every Halloween. In them, the guy plays up his peculiarity – at the age of 9, his leg was amputated. And every year more than 200 thousand of his subscribers expect a new one-legged suit of Josh.

Josh Sandqvist – American Paralympic athlete, comedian and motivational speaker


At the age of 9, his leg was amputated, but this did not stop the guy, and after 6 years he began skiing, and then even got to the 2006 Winter Paralympic Games.

Well, in his Halloween outfits, the guy plays up the lack of one leg, creating memorable and cool costumes.

Josh has earned himself popularity thanks to his unusual Halloween outfits


For a holiday in 2010, Josh donned a Gingerbread costume from Shrek to amuse his friends. It turned out cool, and those who did not know Josh constantly asked him where the other leg was going.

In 2012, Josh dressed up as a lamp from the movie “A Christmas Carol”


2013 was the year of the flamingo for the guy


According to Josh, the idea for the costume was given to him by going to the zoo. There he saw an ostrich and thought that the bird looks just like Josh himself when he stands on crutches with his leg thrown up. Well, the flamingo turned out to be even cooler, so the guy decided on a Halloween outfit quickly.

In 2014, the guy reincarnated as a toy football player.


The guy became a candlestick Lumiere from “Beauty and the Beast” in 2016


The next year, the next in line was the Tigers costume from the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh


In order to be as jumpy as the cartoon Tiger, Josh starred in his costume on trampolines.

Another character that perfectly suited the guy without a leg is the Genie from “Aladdin”


In 2019, Josh turned into a lamp from the Pixar studio screensaver

And he even repeated the actions of his hero – he crushed one of the letters in the name of the studio.

Well, Josh met Halloween 2020 as Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

What surprises Josh for the next Halloween? It will be known in a year!