The Nephew Parodies The Photo Of His Model Uncle And It Seems That The Ability To Pose Is In Their Blood

It seems that in some families, charisma and the ability to pose are inherited. This is proved by the model Aristotle Polites and his nephew Augi. While Aristotle skillfully assumes various poses and plays with muscles, Ogi giggles at him and shows how the same photographs will look like with a toddler in the lead role. We admit that both uncle and nephew are good at it!

Uncle and nephew

Who did it better?

Family love for dogs

They are similar even in tattoos (albeit translated by the nephew)

On sports

Back to school

Spring in the soul

Posing in their blood

Although relatives should be similar to each other, they are still somewhat different. But there are also cases when two people in the same family are as alike as two drops of water.



Accessories decide

Socks starring

Two models


Captain America or Batman?

A motorcycle for an uncle, a bicycle for a nephew

Autumn harvest


Other nephew parodies of his uncle can be seen on the boy’s Instagram .