The Lioness Fell Into A Deep Well And People Risked Their Lives Came To The Rescue

The little lioness fought off the pride and accidentally fell into a deep well. Here the story could have ended, but people came to the aid of the beast.

There are only 500 Asiatic lions left in nature. The death of a single lioness would be a serious blow to an already small population. The incident took place in a nature reserve in the Indian state of Gujarat – it is understandable why people from neighboring villages were so alarmed.

The lioness accidentally fell to the very bottom of a 25-meter well. The rescuers who arrived at the scene threw up their hands: in order to get the predator, you must first put it to sleep, which is simply impossible in this situation.

The situation was saved by a local hunter. Raheem Balochi, in a protective cage, descended into the well, tied the tired lioness, and lifted her up. The story ended well: the lioness was examined and, not finding any damage, she was released.