The Husband Took Revenge On His Wife For An Unsuccessful Haircut By Making A Tattoo With Her Face. And Chose Her Worst Photo For This

Small pranks in the family are common, but some couples take the art of pranking to a new level. James and Kelly McGraw have been playing pranks on each other for 24 years, but recently they outdid themselves. Kelly gave James a bad haircut, and he decided that the best retribution in this situation was to get a tattoo on his wife’s face. Naturally, in the most unattractive pose.

The husband made himself a tattoo with his wife’s face – but there is no flattery here, only revenge

James and Kelly have been playing pranks on each other for a long time, but now they have reached a new level

Kelly unsuccessfully cut her husband’s hair, and he decided to take revenge – and made a tattoo with her face

And the man chose the perfect photo for his revenge

On it, James takes a selfie with his wife sleeping in the most unsightly position.

According to Kelly, at first, she was horrified. And now he can’t help but giggle, looking at this masterpiece

As Kelly told The Sun, she simply hates this photo. But the tattoo evokes the opposite emotions in her.

I just can’t watch this without laughing. It’s terrible and he added extra chins.

James is pleased with his joke, but is afraid of the answer from his wife

James and Kelly have been joking with each other for 24 years now, and so far the husband has been winning. But according to him, she is scared – because who knows what kind of comic intrigues his wife is building.

To surpass her husband, Kelly will have to try – but she already has a lot of experience in pranks, so she will succeed. We believe in it!