The House Was Underground For More Than 300 Years: The Building Was Found By Metro Builders, Almost Untouched By Time

Metrostroevtsy were engaged in the reconstruction of the metro in the center of Moscow. Suddenly, the wall collapsed and the workers opened the facade of the house, which had stood in the ground for several centuries.

The work was carried out back in 1985. None of the workers, of course, expected to see a real house at a depth of 6 meters. Its walls are made of red bricks; in addition to walls and windows, the remains of furniture and utensils have been preserved inside the building.

At that time, the work was immediately suspended. Archaeologists went down to the Mestroevites and began to examine the find. Scientists have established that the ancient building was built around the 16th century.

Once the house stood in the village of Staroye Vagankovo. Then the ground beneath it subsided and created a protective bubble around the structure.