The Guy Made An Unearthly Proposal To His Girlfriend. Sending The Ring Into The Near Space And Returning It Back

An unusual marriage proposal was made by American Stuart Shippie to his girlfriend Marie – the guy launched a ring into near-space at a height of 27 kilometers using a meteorological balloon, and then got down on one knee right in the place where they found jewelry that had fallen from the sky. Naturally, Stewart did not send a real ring in flight – a replacement ring was in the air, but on the ground, he made an offer with a real ring.

The guy made an unearthly marriage proposal to his girlfriend by sending a ring into space

Stuart Shippie is a military pilot who in his spare time launched weather balloons to check how high they would rise. Stewart attached coins to the probes, and when the “balls” burst in the air, he found what was attached to them using GPS. Deciding to make an unusual proposal to his girlfriend Marie, on August 31, 2019, Stewart sent a meteorological balloon with a ring into the air.

The guy, together with his friends and the girl, decided to launch a weather balloon by attaching a ring to it

But the guy’s whole plan was in jeopardy – at first, he had no helium to launch the probe. And then it turned out that Marie came to town only for the weekend, and if the weather deteriorated, the launch would have to be canceled.

Despite Stewart’s concerns, he and his friends and Marie were still able to get together to launch a weather balloon.

While his girlfriend did not see him, Stewart replaced the coin attached to the probe with a ring.

The decoration was right in front of Marie – but she never noticed it

And so the ring began its journey into outer space.

The meteorological balloon rose to a height of 27 kilometers, the balloon burst, and the ring flew back to Earth

The landing site was found quite quickly, but the ring itself was not immediately

According to Stewart, the GPS stops working at an altitude of 12 kilometers, so after the probe crossed this point, he did not know which direction the probe with the ring would go. But they managed to find the landing-place, but I had to sweat with the decoration itself – it fell into an overgrown field.

Marie picked up the remains of the probe but did not notice that there was something else

She realized what was the matter when Stewart got down on one knee and proposed to her.

Just in case, the guy launched a fake ring into the air and made an offer with a real one. After all, there was a great chance that the meteorological balloon, along with the decoration, would fly away in an unknown direction, and it would no longer be possible to find it.

The entire journey of the ring can be seen in the video shared by Stewart!

We hope that the guys’ wedding will be no less cosmic than the engagement!