The Driver Of The Oncoming Car Showed You Crossed Arms. What Does It Mean?

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Drivers are a separate social group, it has its own unspoken rules, as well as conditional signals that are understood only by members of this group. With the help of these same signals, they can communicate with each other. This article will consider one of these signals.

What do the crossed arms of a motorist mean?

As practice shows, not every motorist is able to recognize any of the conventional signs, especially beginners who have never encountered them, because such subtleties are not taught in an educational institution.

Crossed arms can have one of the following meanings:

  1. There is a continuous traffic jam ahead of you, which has arisen due to a congestion of people or an accident, as a result, traffic will be difficult;
  2. By mistake or inattention, you drove into the oncoming lane, motorists signal you about it;
  3. Ahead are repair work to restore the road surface.

Whatever the reason for giving such a sign, the motorist must increase his vigilance and slow down so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Drivers always try to help each other, if at one moment you were given a courtesy – follow the example by doing the same with another motorist. This is especially true for drivers without a navigator or with numbers from another region. After all, they simply may not know the area.

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