The Dog Got Stuck In A Tree And Turned Into A Mummy

Lumberjacks from Georgia will forever remember the day when they decided to knock down and saw up an old broken oak tree. Something awaited them inside that could not even be dreamed of in the worst nightmare!

A mummified corpse of a dog was found in the rift, which was transferred to the local museum, Southern Forest World. After careful research, scientists have suggested that the unfortunate animal died about 60 years ago.

The hollow tree provided dry conditions. The rising stream of air fanned the rotten smell from the corpse, which would attract insects.However, in dry conditions, the animal’s skin managed to harden – Christina Killgrove, anthropologist

Most likely, the hunter let the dog down after the prey, but he was distracted by a small animal and rushed after him into a hollow tree. Having risen high, the dog got stuck, and the owner simply could not find it.