The Craziest Tournaments On The Planet

Any competition or competition is a tough competition. But some competitions stand out from the rest by the absurdity of their tasks or the topic itself. Today we decided to tell you about crazy festivals from all over the planet and what happens at them.

Fat Competition, Sudan

Could anyone have thought that someday people will compete not on the principle of “who has the most athletic and slender figure”, but who has the largest belly and body fat percentage. An unusual festival is held annually in Sudan, when mostly men fight for the title of the fattest. In order to gain weight quickly, they resort to the so-called milk diet. The one who turns out to be the fattest wins.

Dragging Your Wife, USA

Sounds more than strange, doesn’t it? The bottom line is to lift your beloved on the shoulders, and then go through the obstacle course. The streak includes jumping, mud crawling, and even swimming. The winner is the person who never drops his spouse and passes all difficulties with success. As a prize – as much beer as the girl weighs.

Sauna competition, Finland

It seems to us that in Russia it would be possible to carry out something similar, only not in a sauna, but in a bathhouse. Competitors must enter the sauna and then withstand the rise in temperature. The maximum is 110 degrees Celsius. An important point is one condition: the participant must sit strictly upright, you cannot lie down, sit down and bend over. This is considered a violation of the rules of the competition.

Attracting bees, China

It looks a little scary: beekeepers gather with their “pets” in the hives. The contestants stand on a small platform, and the bees are released from the hives. Then the participants should attract as many bees as possible so that they stick around the whole body, creating a kind of “costume”. There is even a record in the Guinness Book of Records: at one of such competitions, a participant was able to withstand bees, which all together weighed about 40 kilograms!

Mobile phone throwing competition, Finland

And again the Finns distinguished themselves. In a fit of anger, have you ever thrown your phone at something or someone? Here the essence is almost the same: participants bring their old and non-working phones, starting to throw them around. The winner is the participant whose phone will fly the longest distance.