The Chinese Woman Decided To Make Her Ex Cry After Breaking Up. It Took A Ton Of Onions For Revenge

Each person experiences separation in a different way. Someone reflects for a long time and suffers, while someone quickly lets go of the situation and moves on. But you must admit, it’s quite a shame when a person with whom you had a relationship very quickly forgets about your love and does not roar like a beluga. One Chinese woman from Shandong province could not stand such indifference and decided at all costs to make her ex-boyfriend cry.

Chinese woman decided to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend


According to the Daily Mail, a girl named Zhao was dumped by her boyfriend a year ago. She found out that he was talking on the phone with other women, in general, the heart of the unfortunate lady was broken. She heard from friends that her ex got through the situation quite easily and did not shed a tear. Then she conceived an act of insidious revenge.

To make his ex cry, the girl sent him a ton of red onions under the door.


The courier was instructed not to contact the addressee, but simply to unload the bow under the door. The man had to work hard for about 4 hours to complete the task.

She stated that she has money, and she wants him to know the taste of tears

Shandong net

The man who received the bow from his ex told Shandong Net that he broke up with the Chinese woman because her behavior was too out of bounds. “My ex-girlfriend was very dramatic. She tells everyone that I have not shed a single tear since we parted. Am I a bad person because I just don’t cry? “

“I sobbed for three days, now it’s your turn,” read her note.

Shandong net

The woman who lives in the neighborhood did not appreciate the revenge. “I don’t know if her boyfriend cried, but I definitely did! Our entire apartment complex smells of onions, ”she said.

Neighbors in shock


But the guy was able to turn the situation in his favor and sold the onion for 1,000 yuan (about 10,000 rubles). But the smell did not disappear so quickly. So maybe it was easier to cry?