The Body You Are Ashamed Of The Area Of ​​Responsibility In A Relationship

Men do not cheat because their wife is thin or fat. But because they can …

Don’t you think that too much responsibility in a relationship is being shifted onto the female body? As if compliance with generally accepted standards of harmony is a panacea for betrayal and the key to family well-being. Morena Morana reflects on areas of responsibility in relationships in his article.

If you eat like that, then in a couple of years no one will make love to you! And the husband will leave! – my unforgettable colleague loved to frighten women with a good appetite.

If my husband likes it, then okay! – friends with whom she shared the problem of excess weight, shortness of breath or sore joints calm down a plump woman. And they put in another piece of the pie.

Lose weight, otherwise, you won’t get married! – caring mothers scare teenage daughters.

I am sure that all these good people are not doing it out of malice. It’s just that in our society, where the responsibility for what is happening in the family is often shifted to the woman, they are trying to plug holes in the family ship with a woman’s body. Including those that a man should shut up.

Take loyalty, for example. Is it necessary to remain faithful to a wife who has grown fat after childbirth? Fat after illness? Just put on weight from an unwise carbohydrate intake many years ago? And can a slender wife cheat?

Wives have no answers to these questions. Because this is not their area of ​​responsibility. You like to tell me that you can only answer for what you control. But can even the thinnest wife control her husband? No, for that you would have to lock him at home without means of communication because you can change it in five minutes and in the toilet. In the meantime, the husband goes out into the world around him, he solves the problem of gulek himself. This is his area of ​​responsibility.

Cheating on thousands of slender women. Cheating is not because the wife is thin or fat. But because they can. This is a decision entirely made by a man. It has to do with a woman only indirectly because she will have to decide what to do with it.

I will tell you a terrible thing – the husband’s potency is also the husband’s area of ​​responsibility. Because it is a direct function of his body, and not of the body of his wife.

Guys, your combat readiness is basically YOUR state of the body, YOUR testosterone, YOUR stress level. Do not place your flaccid bolt on a woman’s fragile or thick shoulders. This is your area of ​​responsibility.

What else do you like to say there? That a husband should feel proud of his wife? And that with a slender woman walking down the street steeper than with a fat woman?

Would you like to say that your prestige is again a woman’s area of ​​responsibility?

Why can the president come out with a fat wife and be considered the coolest person in the country, and manager Vitaly cannot? For this, he needs a wife – a slim woman, a credit BMW, and a brand new iPhone. Is it the wife? It’s about Vitaly.

No wife will make Vitaly’s caretaker head and shoulders above. In extreme cases, everyone will say – wow, I could not find myself better. Vitaly can only be cool with a clear-headed, sober head, courage, and hard work. And not at all a thin chick with fashion-inflated lips.

Everything would be fine if this chorus of offended boys was not joined by a chorus of women who, too, do not mind “blowing” someone on the basis of weight.

They say, it is obvious that you, the author of these arguments, are fatty lard that wants to eat, and does not want to change, for the sake of female happiness. And I will tell you that they are right. For the sake of female happiness, I will not even move my left little finger.

It seems humiliating to me that women spend so much time counting calories, buying the “right” foods, working in the gym, and swimming in the pool just to get someone’s little thing to slowly rise. There are many other methods for this, such as going to a sports bar in the morning, taking a minibus without panties, or placing an ad on a dating site. If you need it at all.

But I don’t want you to think that I think the body is unimportant.

The wife’s body must certainly be attractive. But not for the husband, and not for some random “mimocrocodile”, but for the wife herself.

After all, her, wife’s, mood, happiness, high-quality sex, and satisfaction with life are her area of ​​responsibility.

It is she who, having got up in the morning, sees her reflection in the mirror. And this reflection should please, otherwise, the day will be spoiled from the very beginning. It is better if it, no matter whether it is thin or dense, is obedient and healthy. Not lethargic, saggy, and sick.

It is she who is walking down the street, and if it is constantly difficult to walk, then you need to reduce weight, even if you have a dozen young lovers with hot peppers at the ready.

Let’s agree so. The husband is responsible for making sure he feels good, the wife is responsible for making sure she feels good. No need to get into someone else’s territory.