The boar steals the nudist’s bag: the chase goes viral

A German nudist looking for a bit of privacy went a little too far into the natural environment, meeting a group of wild boars that definitely disturbed his relaxing afternoon.

The man was enjoying a bath in Lake Teufelssee in Berlin when an adult and two boar cubs began rummaging through his bags, probably attracted by the smell of the food.

After having a pizza snack, one of the wild boars stole the man’s bag and fled. The nudist, therefore, left in pursuit of the group of wild boars determined to recover his belongings, including a laptop, arousing great fun among the swimmers.

Adele Landauer, actress and life coach, witnessed the scene and couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the funny chase.

With the man’s permission, Landauer published the report on her social media channels and the posts immediately went viral.

The chase comes a few days after the news of the mischievous fox who, also in Berlin, stole shoes and sandals from the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

The story ended with a happy ending: the nudist succeeded in his goal by returning possession of his laptop.