The Blogger Removed The Drawings From The Face And Body Of The Tattooed Musician And Showed How He Would Be Without Them

Many people decorate themselves with tattoos, and some go so far that they already hide almost the entire body under the drawings. Photoshopper Mitchell Wiggs shows how such people look without their jewelry. With the help of the photo editor, Mitchell erases pictures from the faces and bodies of celebrities to show them a more natural look. The guy has already seen pictures of famous rappers and musicians, as well as a representative of the Kardashian family, from whom Mitchell removed traces of plastic surgery.

Blogger Mitchell Wiggs is dedicated to transforming celebrities


Recently, Mitchell decided to change the appearance of drummer Travis Barker.


Travis is the drummer for blink-182 and other bands. Ranked among the 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Barker got his first tattoo at the age of 15, and now his body is more than 70% covered with drawings.

Mitchell decided to remove all the tattoos from Travis and show how he would have looked without them.


In Photoshop, Mitchell erased the drawings, and also added hair to Travis – he cut it from a photo of actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Thanks to Mitchell’s manipulations, Travis quickly turned from a rock star into a regular guy.

In the comments, viewers could not recognize the drummer.

Without tattoos, he looks like a sad middle-aged man …

Ahaa he does not recognize himself

In addition to Travis, Mitchell transformed other celebrities.


This is what the rapper Post Malone became when Mitchell removed the tattoos on his face and changed his hairstyle.

And here is the rapper Lil Peep without facial drawings


Rapper 6IX9INE without tattoos and bright hair


Mitchell also showed what the model Kylie Jenner would be like if she did not change her appearance through surgeries and other procedures.


On the left is the model in reality, and on the right is what Mitchell presented it.