The Artists Depicted What The Famous Buildings Would Look Like If They Were Built According To Children’s Drawings

British and American publishing houses had an interesting project, for which they asked elementary school students to draw the most famous sights of their countries. The organizers then sent their favorite creations to professional designers who reimagined the drawings as realistic city objects.

Both of them produced several magical works of architectural art, demonstrating the full power of children’s imagination, which, as you know, has no brakes.

The final renders are mostly similar to the original buildings, but the new details created by children’s perception of reality complement them in the most adorably fun way!

Big Ben

UK Parliament

The author of the project clarified that its name is “Forest Big Ben”.

Empire State Building

Sam Valadi

Tower Bridge


The author of the project proposed covering both towers of the bridge with a sweet shell, and equipping their upper parts with lollipops and pizza slices. The architect also believes that the upper part of the bridge can become an ideal place for a race track, and an outdoor pool should be located between it and the roadway. Under the bridge between the two towers, the author plans to put a huge inflatable trampoline, and turn the mounting chains into a slide.

In addition, the roadway itself must be modified so that dinosaurs can safely move along it.

Mount Rushmore


Ferris wheel London Eye


The author of the project considered that the observation star is a much less hackneyed type of such structure.

The Statue of Liberty

William Warby

Skyscraper The Shard, London


The author of the project proposed to supplement the skyscraper with a circular railway, paint it in a brighter yellow color and hoist a flag on top – always green.

Golden Gate Bridge

Andrew Kearns

Space Needle, Seattle


The author of the project considered that the cosmic name of the skyscraper hints that the object should be moved … of course, into space!