The American Got Her License. But Instead Of Her Photo There Was A Picture Of An Empty Chair. Now There Is No End To The Jokes

Tennessee resident Jade Dodd renewed her license and unexpectedly found herself notoriously tricked by the US Motor Vehicle Inspectorate. They sent her a new license with the strangest photograph – instead of a girl, an empty chair appeared in the window for a picture.

Of course, this was a mistake, but Jade showed a photo of the document in a post on Facebook, which made people very happy.

Jade Dodd’s updated driver’s license from Tennessee looks like this

Jade dodd

Jade was doing the update online, and the card was mailed to her. She really surprised the girl, who is not really a ghost at all. Moreover, apart from a puncture with a photograph, everything else was in perfect order.

Re-replacing the rights is a tedious business, but the girl thinks that the photo was worth it.

Jade dodd

According to her words , it was all fun boss, when he saw it:

I was at work and he pointed to a chair by the door of his office and said, “Oh, I thought it was you, I even waved to him this morning.”

I said thank you.

After writing a post on Facebook about this error , Jade has collected over 20 thousand shares.

Jade dodd

People sent me the memes they created and congratulated me on a late birthday. It was weird.

In the department where the error occurred, they already apologized and quickly fixed everything.

Jade dodd

Representatives of the department said that this happened for the first time.

Jade doesn’t feel hurt at all. The situation lifted her spirits against the background of covid and everything connected with it. One of her coworkers promised to hang a photo of the right with a chair instead of Jade in a frame on the wall in the office.