Style Not Size, Or How Girls Of Different Sizes Look In The Same Clothes

There is an opinion that some clothes are suitable only for thin people, and girls who have magnificent forms will no longer be able to wear them … Is this really so? Let’s check!

A kind of challenge called Style not size is gaining popularity on the network. Its participants try on various stylish outfits. Moreover, the participants are girls who have completely opposite types of figures.

One of the first photos under this hashtag was published by Denise Mercedes (Denise Mercedes) and Maria Castellanos (Maria Castellanos). Gir Текст взят с сайта Новости в фотографиях – ls are different in everything from hair color to figure. Denise is a hot brunette and plus-size model, Maria is a petite and fragile blonde.

However, the girls are convinced: it does not matter how much you weigh and what is the girl of your hips. Curvy girls can easily wear In the same way, thin people should not be embarrassed by a deep neckline due to their small breast size.

“Clothes are made for each of us!” – this is the motto of two beauties.

And, looking at their photos, you begin to understand: but they are right!

The initiative of Denise and Maria was quickly picked up by other girls from social networks. So, the hashtag #stylenotsize has become popular.

Here are the best “proofs” that size doesn’t matter!