Study Confirms Short People Are Angrier Than Tall People

We always had our doubt that tall and bulkier people who love to shove off their anger on weaker have anger management inbuilt inside their body but it seems like we have been proved wrong. According to science, they are saying that short people tend to have more anger than people who are tall so to prove this theory they have conducted a test that made their theory final.

Anger Management

Anger is an intense emotional state of our mind that appears whenever we feel strongly uncomfortable towards something. According to science, it says short people tend to get angrier more than people who are tall. They say people who find themselves less attractive or less powerful are likely to go berserk over the fact that they lack in height turns them into ferocious in nature.

Napoleon Complex

This society always judge men with their height and body and men with the less muscular body are considered as weak and these ideologies make them more angry towards people. Scientist suggests that short men who act viciously in front of others to make them look no less than the others and for that, they try to intimidate the weak one. Study recalls their behavior as Napoleon Complex as it was firstly identified in the year 1926 by the Austrian Psychoanalyst.

Savage Behaviour

In 2018 a group of psychologist found evidence of this complex on men and they came into a conclusion that short men tend to behave savagely or we say ferociously while interacting with taller men as they feel a high level of complexity towards them.

Science Says

The study also confirms that short men are more likely to lose their temper than the men who have an average height. Short men are always being judged for having a lack of height and body that make them feel that they are inferior to tall people so that they shove their anger on others.

They Conducted A Test

Well to confirm this theory they conducted a psychological test for the children from the time that they entered school to adulthood which only answers our doubt is that there is no significant difference in personality in terms of height so whether you are short or tall your angry behavior appears automatically.