South Korean Artist Creates Evocative Monochrome Illustrations

I love illustrations that are thought-provoking. As for me, it is periodically useful to look at them so that the convolutions move a little. And it is also useful to pay attention to the problem areas of our society.

Artist from South Korea – Henn Kim sees through human souls. Her illustrations lead to philosophical reflections, drawing attention to inconspicuous, but at the same time very important things. The artist creates black-and-white illustrations, but when viewing them, fantasy paints them in bright colors. Never before have monochrome images been so filled with colors.

Henn Kim does not overload the illustrations with unnecessary details, focusing on the main image. So the viewer can understand and feel what the artist has conceived, and maybe complement the picture with her own thoughts. In the illustrations we see not just people, we see ourselves in them. Each in his own way, but feels these images. The artist definitely feels her viewers, she can hit the very heart of each of us.

The universe created by the artist seems very close and dear to us. The artist creates something huge from simple everyday facts, giving us the opportunity to think about something important. I think you will find something to think about by looking at these illustrations.

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