Since 1970 I Used To Collect Coins. Do You Want To Know What Was Said In The Bank?

Otto Anders is a man living in the United States, his story went viral after spending 45 years collecting coins.

Initially I started as a saving for an emergency in a small piggy bank, but eventually decided to join them in large bottles of water.

His saving was on a daily basis and as time went by, the coins accumulated more and more. Otto says that sometimes we spend on unnecessary things, so one day he made the decision to learn to manage himself better and every coin he kept in his pocket went directly to a large bottle of water, likewise, it did not bother him to bend over to collect the cents that he was in the street, because regardless of the value, he considered it a small gift that life made him.

For many years there was no emergency but unfortunately his savings had to stop after suffering a serious health problem that unfortunately could not cover medical insurance.

So he decided to resort to his savings and the bank takes more than 24 hours counting all the coins he had saved for 45 years. When they finally finished, they informed him that the amount saved was nothing more and less than $ 5,136 with 14 cents. Otto was happy because that money would help him take care of his health problem. Likewise among all those coins they found a collection coin, worth about 2 thousand dollars.

This man does not regret saving all the years because now he will be able to attend, in addition, every penny counts no matter how small the amount and the amount collected has fallen as a great fortune.

He invites us to encourage the habit of saving and recommends starting with a jug. It is very easy when you get home all the coins or change you have in your pockets put them in the pot. It consists of keeping all the coins that arrive to you without removing any coins until filling the boat.

A boat of these can serve them for a vacation, an emergency or for studies. Share to encourage the habit of saving.

His passion for collecting coins will restore his health and Otto can not feel more fortunate.

It is worth following his example, little by little the jar is filled. SHARE the story of Otto, the coin collector and leave us your comments about his hobby.

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