Scientists With A Camera Descended Into A Cave Isolated From The World For Millions Of Years-Video

For millions of years, hidden in the rocks, the cave kept its secrets. She was completely isolated from external influences. At the very bottom, scientists have found creatures literally from another world: they do not need sunlight, water, or air for life.

Movile Cave lies at a depth of 18 meters. Local conditions are similar to alien ones: 7% oxygen, huge amounts of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia.

5 million years ago, a completely closed, absolutely self-sufficient ecosystem was formed here. A unique biosystem was born, adapted to produce energy by chemosynthesis.

So far, scientists have managed to describe 50 types of underground inhabitants. We all have common features: there is no color and no vision – in the pitch darkness, this is simply not required. But the sense of smell is developed exclusively in all.

Please enable subtitles before watching the video :

The object is being investigated very slowly. Any contact with the surface will cause an imbalance in the entire gas composition of the atmosphere, which will lead to the death of unique creatures. Scientists have to work in sterile overalls – and in fact as if they descended to another planet.