Science Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others

Probably it has happened to you when you are with someone to feel some bad vibe as if that person is taking away your energy. Science says that everything around us is energy, and we are also energy transformations.

One study conducted at the Belfield University in Germany revealed that plants take in energy from other plants.

The results of this investigation were followed by a physician and therapist, Olivia Bader-Lee.

Bioenergetics is the science that studies how the energy behaves in living things. The study included algae or to be more precise Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Besides photosynthesis, algae have another energy source which is taking in energy from other algae.

Olaf Kruse is a German biologist, and he is the author of this study. His discovery was published on Nature Site. Bader-Lee explains that human bodies are like sponges taking in energy that is around us.

This is the reason why some people do not feel comfortable when they are around specific people. Our bodies are similar to plants that absorb energy to nurture the emotional state. Also, we can give energy to the cells and increase the levels of cortisol and catabolize.

That explains why some people often change their mood, and they are happy, laughing, optimistic as well as anxious, angry, sad, and stressed. According to Bader-Lee, over the past hundreds of years, we have lost our connection to

Nature in which energy absorbing would be very beneficial to humans. In fact, our spirit is energy, and there is nothing ‘supernatural’ but just manifestation of various energies in the world.

Ancient cultures from each continent were aware of this, while scientists ignored it. However, several scientists tend to dare to address these problems. The rest of them are afraid of rejection and criticism by the scientific community.

Prevent Energy Exhaustion and Clear Your Space

1. Be Grounded and Centered

If you are able to stay focused on your spiritual self, you will be able to see if there is something else going on. So, you need to stay centered and grounded.

Also, being grounded makes you able to give off energy and emotions to others through your grounding bond with intuition.

2. Do Not Resist

Usually, those things you resist to stay with you. If you find yourself in a situation to be with people that make you feel bad, you should not resist them because that energy will stick with you.

If you want to be in a non-resistance state, you should imagine yourself like you are a clean glass of water. This way the negativity will not get in you.

3. Aura Space

Each of us has an energy aura. If you do not have this space, you are vulnerable to other energies. You need to know you have an aura space around you to be safe.

4. Clean Your Energy

If you want to do energy cleaning, you should imagine your aura and a gold shower. This way, you will let the gold energy inside your space and aura, and you should feel fresh and clean.

5. Get Back Your Energy

When you have your energy around you, other people’s energies find it hard to get to you. So, do not focus on other people, but focus on your energy. And, to get back your energy, just imagine a golden sun several centimeters above you.

This is going to return the energy to you. Then, bring the sun down through the top of your aura, and put it in your space. This way you will get energy in your space.

After all, you need to keep in mind that the only person in control of your life is you. Be careful who you let in your life, express your opinion, find out your problems and solve them, learn how to ignore, and accept that not everyone is going to like you.

This article was republished from: RealPositiveExperience